How to Find a Primary Care Doctor

When to See a Doctor in Fort Worth, TX and Why

As a family medicine physician, I am the first line in helping prevent health problems, screening diseases based on the symptomology of the patient, treating common medical illnesses, and coordinating care with specialists and hospitals. Study after study has shown that those with a primary care physician are healthier and happier. My training includes both inpatient and outpatient pediatrics and adult medicine. I believe in seeing and growing with families and their unique needs. This means that I have gotten to both share in the excitement of new births to grieving with families with lost loved ones. Being a physician means being accessible to my patients, listening to their problems and complaints with both empathy and objectivity, and educating patients so they can make the best decisions for themselves. 

Tips to Find a Primary Care Physician Who Best Meets the Needs of You and Your Family

As a family medicine primary care physician, I treat both acute and chronic illnesses from newborns to geriatrics and everything in between. My hope is for patients to experience greater quality of life, not just longevity and this means taking the time to not only educate but also build a relational trust with my patients. Despite performing as a top-rated physician at my previous insurance-based practice, I was still being pressured to see more patients to meet a certain daily quota. What my corporate administrators did not understand is that I could not pursue excellence in medicine while not taking the time I needed to appropriately address my patient’s concerns. They could not have one without the other.

Doctors Charging Membership Fees That Includes Unlimited Visits

 I realized it was time to find a different model of medicine that answered the issues that both physicians and patients felt frustrated with. Direct primary care helps me avoid the rush of the current medical experience that many patients struggle with at their doctor’s office including short appointment times, not having their questions answered, and the overprescribing of medications. This has also meant what I feel is a return to the “old school” way of doctoring by being more available by phone and truly developing a relationship with the families in the community I serve.

A physician’s focus should be to help patients live meaningful and healthy lives, not just prolong it. I started my Direct Primary Care practice because I wanted to help navigate my medical practice back to the foundation of the patient-physician relationship. I believe in healthcare that is based on evidence and empathy rather than ego and I would love to partner with you in creating a more personal patient home.

andrew lee, MD

Board certified Family Medicine Physician