What about Medicare Patients?

Part of the Direct Primary Care model is to remove as many barriers between patients and physicians. This includes the need for physicians to bill both commercial insurance and Medicare. This does not mean however that I cannot see Medicare patients. In fact, I believe Direct Primary Care is likely to be more beneficial for Medicare patients for many reasons including providing more value through longer appointment times, same and next day appointments, and a closer relationship with your physician who is much more accessible by phone, text, or email than the traditional fee for service model. You’ve put in your hard earned money into the system through decades of your life so that when you retire or reach Medicare eligible age, that you would reap the benefits of your hard work. However, we are currently seeing the issues that plague our medical system sometimes disproportionately affect those that are on Medicare. Less time with your doctors means less time for appropriate counseling, monitoring of your medications (and increased medication usage), and less questions answered during your office visits. I’ve also seen how sick patients often have to wait days  or weeks to be seen because their physician is not available to see them based on their schedule. Medicare should be used for your medical care including medications, hospitalizations, or major unforeseen issues that affect us and this is not an endorsement to say that you should drop your supplemental coverage or benefits. My belief is rather that patients deserve high quality care, compassion, and attention and that perhaps the ways that the traditional insurance/Medicare model, which can cause many patients frustration and heartache, can be solved through Direct Primary Care’s more progressive approach to healthcare. 

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions you may have and I would be more than happy to talk with you.